New Endeavors

The launch of MarigoldGray coincides with the moment when we are looking toward Spring. This is by design.  After the joy and delight of the Holidays, then the move into the pleasure of relaxing in front of a cozy fire during the cold and snow of January, it is now time  to look  toward longer and brighter days, the sound of singing birds, the color of daffodils, quince, and hyacinths and, of course, refreshing our homes.  When we began planning MarigoldGray we focused on bringing a few great unique pieces to your home so that you can feel refreshed and see your surroundings in a new light.  If you are still buried under four feet of snow, as is my mother in Boston (sorry Mom), this process is even more vital, as the planning and dreaming is what gets us  through these last weeks of winter.  So please take a look and hopefully you will find something that will make you and your family and friends smile every time you are in its presence.  We have been visiting and hunting auctions and shops for these types of pieces and we are excited to bring you the first of what will be continually updated finds.  We hope you are inspired!

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