Original Art Work

Original art work personalizes and elevates any room design and it does not have to be expensive.  Flea markets, consignment shops, and auctions are great sources for original paintings, prints and sculptures.  What is key is that you have a sense of what art resonates with you.  Going to a museum is a great way for you to identify what strikes a chord -- whether it be 18th century oils, impressionist paintings, modern sculpture, contemporary art or, ideally, a mix of several styles.  We are incredibly fortunate in the DC/Baltimore area to be able to pop into the National Gallery or the BMA for free.  Next time you are looking for a refresh or change of scenery do not head to the store, coffee shop or your computer -- visit a museum for just an hour.  Pick one section to peruse.  Your eyes will be opened and inspired and you will learn new things about artists and artwork.  

I personally love to mix more traditional oils with abstract works.  The painting here is an abstract in acrylic and graphite on canvas paper by Alexis Walter, a New Orleans artist I discovered on a recent visit to a New Orleans antique and design shop.   (New Orleans antique shops are worthy of an entire separate post.  Stay tuned).  This piece is entitled "Sea Breeze."  She paints similar pieces in a range of colors.  I just happen to be a fan of all things Gray, especially when juxtaposed with Gold (obviously.) I found her work at Bremermann Antiques, a gorgeous shop in New Orleans.  I purchased the piece there unframed, hand carried it back on the plane, and had it framed here locally.  I am so enamored with it.  If you like what you see, let us know.  We can certainly find you a piece that you love and work with you to have it framed.  Assisting you in sourcing and selecting original pieces that resonate with you personally is what MarigoldGray is all about.    

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