Kids' Rooms


Decorating your children's rooms is fun because you can play with color and furniture and their interests guide you. The photo above is of our nine-year-old son Henry's room.  The desk and chair are from Ikea and the lamps are from Target.  I love looking at both places for cool modern and inexpensive finds.  But I think you will agree that the item that makes this room is the abstract painting.  I found this at a local auction.  It is bold, graphic, and colorful (just like Henry!) It was painted by Ernest E. Walters , a Baltimore artist, writer and gallery owner who  passed away in 2004.  After I purchased the piece, I researched Walters and learned he was born in Louisville, Kentucky, and attended Miami University of Ohio, where both my husband and I attended.  He then studied art in Paris and raised thoroughbred horses,which brought him to Baltimore, where he met his future wife and stayed to teach, write, and paint.  Such a fascinating man.

I think of the painting as quite the serendipitous find, not only because of some shared history but also because it works perfectly in Henry's room.  And I acquired the painting for under $200.   (As I have noted, original art does not have to be expensive).  The vintage lacrosse stick is a family heirloom, which, if you are a family from Baltimore like my husband, you are likely to have one of these in  your attic,crawlspace, or garage.  Why not display it?  The Lego Star Wars "sculpture"  is by Henry.  And his fish, named Ferrari, adds to the fun.  This vignette pretty much sums up Henry and his interests without being cookie-cutter--it is individual, bold and fun. I hope this inspires you to take a fresh look at your child's room and have a little fun with vintage and inexpensive finds to  make it as special and unique as your child!  Please let us know if we can help you find that perfect piece. 

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