Decorating with Candles


On a gray,rainy Spring day it is time to focus on small treats to brighten your day.  Candles are a lovely and inexpensive way to decorate and personalize your space.  There are so many great candles to purchase today but I remain partial to classic French Diptyque candles for their elegant simplicity and scents.  Once upon a time before the internet, you could only purchase these candles in small shops in Paris or New York.  I first purchased a set from the original Diptyque shop in Paris in Saint Germain on a Spring visit with my husband seventeen years ago.  There is also a shop on Madison Avenue in New York.  But, of course, now you can also purchase online or in department stores.  I am partial to the Feu de Bois scent in the Fall and Winter.  I am plotting my new candle selection  for Spring and am leaning toward Jonquille.  Whatever your candle choice, having one close by is sure to inspire.

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