Fall Auction Season


Fall auction season is upon us and there are many “blockbuster" auctions planned for Fall 2015.  Last year at this time the design world was abuzz with the Sotheby's auction of the Estate of Mrs. Paul "Bunny" Mellon.  The photo here was taken when I previewed that auction collection.  This season's most prominent event is Sotheby's auction of the art collection of Alfred Taubman, the businessman and philanthropist.  The collection contains more than 500 works, including paintings by deKooning, Rothko, Pollock, Degas, and Picasso, and is estimated to be worth in excess of $500 million.  The auction will be held over four days in November and January.  I will be watching (alas, not bidding) the Modern and Contemporary Art auction on November 5. 

While such high end auctions are fun to follow and dream about, there are numerous smaller auctions at which one can enjoy, attend, bid and emerge victorious!  We are fortunate in the Washington/Baltimore area to have several smaller excellent auction houses. Many of our finds at MarigoldGray are from these local auctions.  Our proximity to New York is also a plus. I often travel up to New York for the day for an auction.  My most anticipated event of the Fall is the auction of property of Cornelia Guest, formerly of the Collection of Winston and CZ Guest from their Templeton estate, which will be held at Stair Galleries in Hudson, New York on November 14.  Hudson Valley has wonderful antique shops and galleries and I am looking forward to spending a weekend there with my family.  We will fit in hikes and dinners together in between auction previewing and bidding.  If you are interested in this auction but cannot make it in person, you can also bid online. Or let us know at MarigoldGray and we can preview and bid on a piece for you.  I find that being there in person gives one a huge strategic advantage, especially when one's computer experiences "technical difficulties."  (been there, done that).  To view the estate collection, go to www.stairgalleries.com and give us a call.  Happy bidding!

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