Substance and Style: The Influentials Part One

Influential: One of considerable importance or influence. 

I have been thinking quite a bit of the people and things that have influenced me in my design aesthetic. Some new, some I have admired forever. Some I know personally, some I simply admire from afar. They all possess or embody similar qualities.... substantive, visionary, hard working, valuing of family and friends, knowing their craft, striving to be the best at what they do. Herewith, a Part One list of my influentials.  Stay tuned for Part Two:


Rachel "Bunny"  Lambert Mellon.  Of course. The best in everything -- gardens, art, antiques, clothing, jewels, and philanthropy -- always with casual elegance.Photo by Horst.

Bruce Budd.  Know your craft. Be authentic. All done quietly. Epitome of sophistication. Photo by Bjorn Wallander for AD.


Town and Country Magazine.  My forever bible on all things fashion, design, and culture.

 Sofia Coppola.  Renaissance Woman.  Creative and style genius.

 Aerin Lauder Zinterhofer.  Businesswoman, mother and wife, beyond chic.  Modern Day Icon.


Jacques Grange.  Chicest in Design. Period.


Gerrie Bremermann.  Bremermann Designs.  When (not if) I open a brick and mortar shop, I want it to be as beautiful as her eponymous New Orleans shop.



Heidi Wynne, founder of Heidi Wynne Cashmere. I was a loyal fan of her eponymous cashmere line and then I met her personally through Instagram.  My successful small business inspiration who has been so kind and generous with her advice and support.

Sid and Ann Mashburn.  Creative, stylish, generous, retail geniuses.  When they placed a large order with me I knew I could actually do this!  A moment I will never forget.

World of Interiors.  Best in Design.  Not a trend in sight.  Amen.



















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