Decorating with Flowers

Spring is finally here and the flowers in Baltimore are beginning to bloom.  The daffodils are up.  Soon we will have tulips,quince, magnolia and lilacs.  Fresh flowers are a decorating must for me.  They are an instant brightener of mood as well as a room.  I recall my freshman year of college at the depth of winter in Boston and feeling incredibly blue. My weekly purchase of fresh flowers from the corner market for my dorm room, often with my last few dollars on my tight college budget, was often what got me through those dreary days.  To this day I will spend my last penny on fresh flowers each week.  No special occasion required.  They are a decorating must. 

The arrangement above is my Easter table arrangement with stunning purple French tulips and flitteraria from The Dutch Floral Garden -- truly the best florist around -- with purple hyacinths and pale yellow double tulips from Whole Foods.  The vessel is a vintage 20th century Chinese blue and white bowl.  (The brown bunny was painted by Gray when he was small on one of our numerous rainy day visits to Amazing Glaze and appears on our table each Easter.) I purchased the flowers yesterday, placed them in a bucket of water, and arranged them this morning over a leisurely cup of hot tea while nearby the boys dug into their Easter basket candy.  The only better way to spend an early spring morning will be to walk out and cut flowers from my own garden.  Remember, April showers bring May flowers.  Until then, visit your local flower shop for some instant design inspiration.

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