Inspiration Boards

My first step in any design project is to create an inspiration board.  These boards are essential to providing images, words, and ideas that inspire an overall vision for a project.  You can create a virtual inspiration board on Pinterest but I really need the physical visual to set the tone and that I can tangibly have in front of me to revisit time and again. The above image is my own inspiration board for my upcoming kitchen and master bath renovation, which I shared with my architect at our first meeting.
This board includes tear sheets I have collected over ten years from various magazines and design books.  Plus words, images and a wish list of features that establishes my overall vision.  What pleases me is that there is a concordance of a style, look and vision that conveys a solid and tangible concept to move forward on this huge project.  I know my architect  appreciated seeing this board at our first meeting, as it allowed her to develop a concept quickly with confidence.  Even if you have not been collecting tear sheets for ten years as I have, you can get started today to collect those key images, words and concepts that inspire you and make you feel at home.  This will help you or your designer move forward with confidence in any project.  Above all, have fun being creative!

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