Brimfield Antique Show

The Brimfield Antique show is a must visit.  Located in Brimfield, Massachusetts and held three times a year (May, July, and September), the show has grown over the decades to become a one square mile mecca of finds.  But for those of you who can easily be overwhelmed, fear not.  My friend Laura and I spent six hours the morning of the last day (Sunday) and with a bit of planning and strategy came away with amazing finds at great prices. 

The best fields for what we were seeking (higher end European and American antique and vintage furniture, art and accent pieces) were Quaker Acres, New England Motel and Hertans. (Each field is independently run, has a distinct style, and are named.  New England Motel is named as such because there is literally a motel called the New England Motel in the middle of the lot.) While we certainly did not see all of the booths in these three fields, as there were hundreds, we definitely hit the highlights. 

The show runs Tuesday through Sunday.  Most antique dealers attend Tuesday for the best selection.  As we could only attend the last day (Sunday), we were worried that the show would be picked over.  Wrong!  We found amazing pieces at great prices.   My friend Laura found the above pair of vintage porcelain elephant garden stools (They each weigh a ton. Pardon the pun.) Because there was a minor chip in one of the stools they were passed over by a dealer.  Laura was able to purchase the pair for $50! They are so cool and look great on her porch. 

On our next visit we agreed it is best to attend the first day for selection and the last day for bargains.  A few other tips -- bring cash or checks, sunscreen, a hat, water, an empty car for all of your haul, and, finally,  when you start to feel overwhelmed, get a lobster roll and a Diet Coke from the shack at New England Motel.  Happy hunting!

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