Ode to the Peony



I just finished bringing in the last of the peonies from my garden.  Peonies are one of my favorite flowers but, alas, they have a very short bloom season.  Perhaps that is why I so look forward to their arrival each spring and gather as many as I can from the garden to bring indoors.  There are peonies everywhere in my house right now (as well as the ants!) and I am enjoying them immensely.  They are a reminder that we must live seasonally and enjoy and appreciate truly beautiful things when we can, whether it is a lovingly grown peony, a seasonal strawberry, or a finely crafted antique.  This ensures their true value will not be diminished in our increasingly overwhelmed eyes.  And, the good news is the hydrangeas are blooming and we will be graced with their beauty in a few short weeks.  Meanwhile, enjoy every last petal of the peonies this weekend, indoors and out.

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