Timeless and Chic.....Decorating with Mirrors


We love mirrors at MarigoldGray. Above mantels, in entryways, in dining rooms, and in hallways, mirrors are a relatively simple way to make a classic, chic and timeless style statement.  They also add height and drama to a space (and who does not need a little extra height and drama in one's life?)  We are particularly fond of large gilt wood mirrors for their chic elegance.  Chippendale style, Chinoiserie.......no one does this look better than the French.  This influence is also seen in all the grand homes in the French Quarter of New Orleans.  I visited New Orleans earlier this year and their antique shops are unsurpassed for chic gilt mirrors.  The above mirror is from Bremermann Designs on Magazine Street in New Orleans, one of the most beautiful antique shops I have seen.  We also love a great carved wooden mirror, like our Harvest mirror in our Shop Finds page, in a country house or kitchen for a warm and classic look. Think Italian countryside chic.  Please see our current selection of fabulous mirrors on our Shop Finds page.  And we will have several new gorgeous mirrors at out Pop Up Shop In Georgetown on October 25.  Follow us on Instagram for all the latest details.

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